Gerona, 1962

Toni Cassany begins painting professionally in 1998. At very young age he started to learn his career with the help of some great masters. In theschool he went to there were highly qualified experts such as: Perpinyà,Fita, Julià Cutiller and Vila. As a child, wherever he went he used to takepart in drawing and painting competitions and quite often he came outwinner.

However, he did not make up his mind regarding this profession and hence he graduated in Spanish Philology at the Universities of Granada and Santiagode Compostela. Yet, his knowledge of the art of words was always a great help for him tounderstand the art of the Colour and the Shape. When he finished Philology he took up again plastic arts. With the help ofthe painter from Gerona, María Rosa Ferrer, Toni Cassany seized once morehis paint brushes.

After a first hard working year (1989) he prepared hisfirst individual exhibition (January 1990). There, he displayed the best ofhis making: watercolours, Indian ink drawings and oils. His oils met with agreat success so this sort of made him concentrate on this technique, thoughhe never gave up the others. This first exhibition was attended by artist Lluís Roura, who congratulated him on a job well done and encouraged him to go on painting every day,without dismay. When Toni called him to thank him, Roura invited him to hisstudio. This meeting changed Toni's artistic life because that evening hereceived the best painting lesson he could have ever asked for. In his ownwords, those were the best spent minutes of my professional career ever.He would never forget that lesson at the same time so simple and soimportant. Years later, on occasion of his twentieth exhibition, Toni had afew words of recognition for that lesson by declaring himself as a followerof that ampurdanes (from a region of Gerona) master.

As of that first exhibition of 1990 all the others followed withoutinterruption. Then, came his consolidation years. Years when additionally herun through new artistic aspects that enhanced him as an artist: graphicdesign and illustration of books and several publications. A consequence ofthis last facet has been two books illustrated with his work: Pobles delBaix Empordà (Towns of the Baix Empordà) (1998) and Retalls de premsa peral Capvespre (Press briefs at Dusk) (2006).

In 1995 he exhibited in France.He has never ceased to exhibit. At present, he has already more than twentyindividual exhibitions and many more collective ones. He has part of hisworks spread all over Spain and several European and American countries.

Joan Mª Puigvert, art critic, poet and professor of Literature, wrote: many and valuable reasons cause Toni Cassany's painting to be extremelycommendable.
It is a powerful painting, luxuriously simple, buillt up through a superb key light definition.
It is a light that can be inhaled, with a glut of oxygen and greenery. A light that is developed against the contours. A light that makes the landscape come true by displaying its gentle and accurate chromatism with apompless exaltation. With just spirit and appeal.
A light that bears witness of the reality. That, at the same time, endows us with wings and a mouthful of air. A pupil distillation.
We can see skies at ground level, we can perceive subjugated landscapes, but most of all we can feel the mysterious allure of Nature shining between the gaze and the horizon.
It is a painting created with musical modulations, with a fast, spontaneous, courageous brush stroke. A painting where beauty seethes. A painting that yearns to be a true quest for truthfulness.
The artist is a gallant man, with a graceful elegance.

His painting is full of wisdom. To appreciate it, is a luxury. To own it, a privilege.

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