Josep Domènech (Barcelona, 1952) knows how to meddle with the substance of the things surrounding us –especially home furniture – to give them life. Actually, not motion, but feelings, existence, awareness of staying in a certain place, which is where we belong. The personality of the artist who loves the environment is cast onto them, to make it become collective.

For many years, I have been following his trajectory and I can say that, faithful to the perseverance of his thinking, he continuously refurbishes himself. It is like a mirror collecting and endorsing the reflected images. As the surface of a table whereby a ray of sun, filtered through the empty eye of the window shade, slowly and solemnly, slides over it. Or, as the chest-of-drawers with a tray of fruits on the shelf, and its golden handles featuring elegant curved waves that suggest all kind of mysteries. He knows how to uncover the unknown in everyday places, such as the flat where people we cannot see, but are there, come and go.

This capacity of Domènech i Sánchez to understand the magic of the atmosphere created with objects, always points out to human objectives. The painter thinks of us when he is painting. He does it always in a general and unnamed way, as he becomes more private within his more intimate familiar circle, but he has never stopped feeling cordial with his fellow beings. Lonely by his profession –to paint is to abstract oneself of whatever surrounds him/her, with the exception of what he/she wants to capture with the maximum possible power -, he experiments inside him a deep participating will which he wants to transmit. This is why his paintings, so calm and, apparently, so far off, call us and offer us, generously, their company.

Once you look at it, Josep Domènech's pictorial work has to be looked at, repeatedly and it requests, without any demand by his author, a special attention for what it means intimately. He describes interesting psychological status that we can connect with, easily. He speaks, but he also listens and, subtly, he helps to clarify concepts and so, each person contemplating his

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