Jordi Isern’s landscapes are wide and, despite all his great panoramas, they keep the emotional intensity of detail. When we look at them we can feel the freshness of life in the grass that grows in the edge of fields and we are delighted to see in the background the deep warmth of a little village while a soft mist surrounds us.

And while I am fully aware that when I am referring to his work I am using a great load of poetic expressions that may take us into a dream world, I also have the firm belief that with his paintings he allows us to make tangible the reality that, despite the change of customs and fashions, is still essential in our collective life.

Isern's painting is apparently placid and calm. Everything is where it should be and the whole is a symphony of colours and shapes that are harmoniously combined. It seems that nothing happens therein.

But let us not be deceived by appearances. For they present a demand of internal life, permanence and continuity, which is what gives them their true meaning of fine works that seek to connect with others and make them aware of their ability to find beauty in things of a higher standard of life. I think that if we look at them with clean eyes, we shall find it.

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