J. L.       Jardí

Juan Luis Jardí was born in Barcelona in 1961. He is a well-endowed artist of the figurative style, with a great pictorial knowledge. Because of his originality he occupies a preeminent place among the painters of the critical surrealistic style and, at the same time, ironic. He uses bold and balanced combination of images that, despite being based on the rationality of social facts, pursues the freedom of dreams. So, the singularity of his approach is always attractive. Therefore, in the work of J.L. Jardí, beyond the undeniable pictorial values, we find a conception about mankind that we have to take into account, to improve our society

JUAN LUÍS JARDÍ and his constant commitment to a work well done.

This is the first time that Juan Luis Jardí's paintings (Barcelona, 1961) are presented at the Rusiñol Gallery of Sant Cugat. The painter comes over when his works, that he started to create very young while surprising everybody as a child prodigy of plastic figurative art, has achieved a high degree of maturation. And within it, we must emphasize that, as an artist, he has kept the same line to explain the environment surrounding him, which he has never wanted to give up. The world of childhood, from where the person growing is surprised by what he/she discovers and aims to make it his own, with the desire to understand the various sides of the same reality. Hence, the same observer trilogies and even the quatrilogies of human beings viewed from their external accomplishment to determine their different reactions.

The landscape of every painting, the ones where figures appear, is unique because of all its peculiarities, carefully picked up. Jardí has no doubts with respect to the settings he picks, whether a snowed landscape, quite pertinent right now, a beach or an urban location. And he does not question either that the onlooker –himself, in the first instance, but also others that do exist or he can imagine– wants to be integrated in the ensemble, but at the same time, he has several ways to do it, and the artist desires to represent it to understand the different options we always have.

Each human being has doubts and thanks to that he/she can eventually find out the most appropriate way to move towards his/her personal improvement. He/she would be wrong not to hesitate although he/she has to do it always in a positive way, being always ready to choose the best shortcut out of those he/she will have to face. And to do it, Juan Luís Jardí generously gives us the best clues through his paintings.

Intensely focused on his work, the artist always wants to feel secure of what he is saying. And although normally quiet when he is directly connecting with people, he is thoroughly explicit when, totally dedicated to his painting, he seeks through successive enhancements, the strong and clear light that can be found at the end of the laborious and lengthy process each one of his paintings is submitted to. He has a refreshing natural gift he knows how to manage in his constant quest for human truth.

Josep M. Cadena

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