Born in the province of Cuenca, in a district of Villanueva de la Jara, a part of La Mancha facing Albacete, the painter Ulpiano Carrasco is the artist that has helped me the most to discover how a landscape may become at a certain time of the year an exalted colour symphony.

I was able to discover it by the end of November 1998, when at the Comas Gallery, in Barcelona, I was invited to write some words for the catalogue of a Carrasco’s exhibition. Fortunately, I still had fresh memories of a trip by train from Cuenca to Valencia, by one All Saints Day, and also of a brief sojourn in the highest part of the town. Nature was then in its optimal moment, with trees about to leave definitely the summer lush to get ready for the cold of the winter; with blue skies whiten with clouds; and chirping birds that, after spending the night sheltered in the lower parts of the mountain, were getting off the ground in flocks, seeking the warmth of the Sun. I had experienced it first hand and I had even - I do not mind admitting it - been moved by the occurrence. This is why, when I found myself looking at Ulpiano Carrasco’s oils, I felt happily transported to those instants I had lived through before, and without any doubt, I realized I was facing the most exact and modern plastic artist of his own land... He was from Cuenca and the best of Cuenca, the fullest and richest, could be found in his landscapes.

More than twelve years have gone by from that exhibition but I keep that memory quite alive. I do not encounter any effort to get back to those moments, because, often enough, I have had several contacts with Ulpiano Carrasco’s paintings and, while he was improving his technique and looking for other inspiring motivations, he never lose his original stimulus, that one which made him fall in love with his origins.

Now, together with all of you, I meet this artist again. He is now a fully fledged painter with a lot of exhibitions all over Spain and in many countries in Europe, Asia and America. His work has gone around the world and so has he, Ulpiano Carrasco, who has known many different ambience, practices, lights and colours. These encounters might have changed him, but it was not so. He is more refined and has grown in intensity with his colourful explanations, while keeping the compulsion of his origins. Which I sincerely celebrate, both as far as he and we are concerned.

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