RAMON VILANOVA Born in 1947, in Caldes de Montbui, he began as an autodidact painter when he was sixteen years old. As of the year 1973 he has continuously exhibited, not only in Catalonia but in the rest of the Spain and abroad, having received some valuable prizes as a painter. He has also participated in museum exhibitions in France, Germany and in the United States, where his work enjoys a great reputation.

As the journalist and art critic Josep M. Cadena has written in the book that goes with this exhibition:

Ramon Vilanova has many human and pictorial virtues. I believe the former have engendered the latter, inasmuch, he is a self-made painter who loves the vitality Nature incessantly offers us.

No aspects of landscape are too dispiriting for him as far as his creativity is concerned; especially the humblest and most secluded ones that, apparently, do not seem to to be of much substance. For he knows how to highlight its significance, be it the grass along the edge, the bramble, the hawthorn, the withering flower or the leave that changes its luxuriant green into the autumnal yellow. An ample visualization of those features that, small as they may be, do have the realism of their struggle to stay alive thanks to their vital proprieties – here I would add the qualification of moral, in the sense of accepting the very ethics of existing – that carry on from a very remote time.

The painter is instinctive but he always knows how to decide what is better so that the song of life composing his entire work may extend as from the safety provided by its rooting to the ground. Because Ramon Vilanova's colours and the shapes –the previous spontaneous, arboreal the second – come from a sap, from the safe use of the powers and of a perfect adequacy to the spots where each painting performs its action to live by itself while conveying the desire to keep on doing it too to those who watch him.

This showing by Ramon Vilanova comes when, as it luckily happens every year, we are closing in the Christmas holidays. These are the holidays to feast with the family, to recapitulate over what we have done for our fellow beings and for ourselves, to project our hopes and plans for the future. And this triple vision can be found in the work of our painter, who describes very close situations to those we usually experience, who helps us to mull over the permanence of what is authentic and who gives us the strength to go on along the path we know is the correct one or to rectify it if we are wrong.
As it happens in Pau Casals' famous Cant dels ocells (Song of the birds), which in his cello reached the highest degree of resonance a popular melody may attain, in Ramon Vilanova's painting everything lead us to the rebirth of our spirit.

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