Disciple of Oleguer Junyent, whom he learned drawing with, although he considers himself a self-taught painter.

Later on he moved to Paris. He made his first exhibition at the Rovira Gallery of Barcelona, and since then, in an uninterrupted manner, he is exhibiting at several art galleries in Barcelona and in the rest of the State.


He has exhibited internationally in London, Geneva, New York, Paris, Chicago, Monte Carlo, Los Angeles, Luxembourg...

? He has won numerous awards and honors, including the Golden Medal of the City of Palma de Mallorca, the Sant Jordi, from the Diputaci? Provincial of Barcelona, the Painting Prize of the Second Mediterranean Games ...?His work appears at the Museum of Contemporary Art, of Madrid, at the Cadaqu?s Museum (Girona), at the Diputaci? Provincial of Barcelona, at the Reina Sofia Museum in Athens (Greece)...

? Throughout his artistic career his work has gone through different phases: na?ve, expressionism, cubism and realism. His paintings are built from an aesthetic basis.

? Skillful with his design, he manages to create an atmosphere of neo-romantic atmosphere. Teenagers? figures, urban subjects, interiors, jazz orchestras ... form a pictorial universe where the strength of a structure moving between rigor and a sense of movement, of something alive, is not missing.

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