He was born in Mai? de Montcal (Girona) in 1942. He began his training in Joan de Palau's shop, in Banyoles (Girona). He studied at painter Sibeques' academy in Figueres. After that he moved to Barcelona, where in 1970 he took part in a joint exhibition. ? ? In 1972, he presented his first individual exhibition in the town of Vic. After that, he has exhibited in Madrid, Girona, Palma de Mallorca, Tarragona and Sant Cugat del Vall?s. He was a member of the group Passeig de Gr?cia.


Joseph Crua?as (Mai? de Montcal, Garrotxa, 1942) has a volcanic nature, which enfolds the ethereal character of his paintings, many of which emphasize the water as their central protagonist.

Although he followed a formal education to better direct his innate artistic and plastic talent and despite he was undoubtedly inspired by the splendour of greens so abundant in the Moixina Olotina, not far from where he was born, he soon discovered himself in the Amsterdam and Venice waterways. He went abroad to better scrutinize his inner self as a judicious and thoughtful person, who prefers to keep quiet while thoroughly listening to the beating of the rain and the murmurs of the countryside, so often close to the humming of the waves. In connection with Josep Crua?as and his work, I must, however, avow something personal. When someone like me, who has spent years after years devoted to the study and analysis of Art in Catalonia, is aware that an artist he knows and admires quite well is exhibiting his works, it stands to reason that he decides to impose upon himself an additional effort, if given the chance to deal with whatever activity said artist may be concerned with. Yet, this is a pleasant task, though one must overcome the challenge of excelling what has already been said about him, so as to avoid any possible topic or recurrence. Nevertheless, as far as Crua?as is concerned, despite what I have written about him since 1985, on seventeen solid occasions, I cannot help but feel it is all anew. I know I will find many subjects I have seen before in previous exhibitions, but I also know that, as usual, I will be again surprised because I always find something original far away from any routine or ?d?j? vu?. He is, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others who follow him too, a creator who knows how to recognize himself in whatever he does and finds always new qualities in the themes In which he is more interested. He seeks and goes on and on until he connects with the mysterious flash of the newness in the settings he has chosen and that spiritually enfold him. Once this assertion made, out of the sincerity both Crua?as and I have always displayed each other in our friendly relations, I should say that in this new exhibition, once again, I am satisfied with him and with everything he stands for. I think he has fully comprehended the message of Mother Nature and that human yearning to feel, time and again, inside what is crucial, which precisely is because it never ceases to be new.

Bibliography: Bibliography: in 1994 J. Carreras i M. Elena Morató publish "Cruañas", in the collection of "Maestros Actuales de la Pintura y Escultura Catalanas" (Present Masters of Catalan Painting and Sculpture).

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