Born in Sant Miquel de Campmajor, Girona, in 1943, he is considered a self-taught painter even though he actually followed two painting courses at the Llotja School, in Barcelona. He received sound advice from F?lix Revello de Toro and Frederic Mar?s, not forgetting those who initiated him in his painting: his brother-in-law Ram?n Turon, the painter Joan de Palau, Dr. Miquel Verdaguer and the rector of his village Mn. Joan Prat, who used to give him classes of art history after the Sunday mass.

In 1963 he settles himself in Barcelona where he meets many painters, including the Andalusian Paco Toro, and he participates in exhibitions and competitions, reaching his most important award when obtaining the Painting Medal of Honour Countess of Barcelona, award presented to him by Her Majesty the Queen Sofia in 1981, in Madrid. His first exhibition was in Vic, in 1970, and afterward there have been many more throughout Spain and abroad: Caracas, Basel, Geneva, El Pert?s, Cabestany, Brussels, Miami, San Petersburg? He has illustrated many books: Los Pueblos de l'Empord?, by Montserrat Vayreda; Llu?s Roura, by Llu?s Racionero; Camprod?n, un valle del Pirineo, by Baltasar Porcel and Mn. Juli? Pasqual? and the Holy Land.

During the year 2000 he made up to five trips to Israel, and six large paintings exhibited at the Parish of Santa Maria of Banyoles, are the outcome of these visits. More recently, in October 2011, and, commissioned by the City Hall. he inaugurated in Figueres, his work ?The landscape of the baptism of Jesus? a large job of 3 x 5 meters format, permanently displayed in the baptistery of the Church of St. Pere, in Figueres.

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