Born in Barcelona in 1940, he studied at the Llotja of Barcelona. When he was 20 he moved to Paris and later on to London, New York and Geneva, where he becomes acquainted with both painting and museums. In 1962 he comes back to Spain and he presents his first exhibition in the town of Cartagena. Two years later he began a tour of many exhibitions in our country.

Internationally, his work has been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Greece, Cuba, New York ... and in many museums, among which we can highlight the Reina Sofia Museum in Athens and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

He has also presented monographic exhibitions at the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Palau de la Música, in Barcelona. He has won several awards including the drawing award of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona and there are numerous publications devoted to his work.

An artist who knows how to look beyond what he sees, he takes advantage of the brightness of all social activities to find links with a much more complex society that is aware of the difficulties human beings have to face in many parts of this world.

He depicts the cities as living organisms to create works with a diverse and dynamic personality, with both construction and destruction, with posters and signs that form part of an ensemble that is primarily communicative through shapes and colors.


Antoni Vives Fierro's current exhibition at the Rusiñol Gallery revolves around a theme that, at first sight, may seem childlike, because most of the figures are children, but nothing is further from reality. The personages described are allegories and references of the civil society in which we all are the protagonists.

This new iconography is not a break within the long and fruitful creative process of the artist. It is a sublimation of experiences and knowledge by someone who has always been integrated into the social environment and wants to express it in colors and shapes that inform and, at the same time, generate excitement.

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