Besides other activities, the Rusiñol Gallery, along with the entities e-cristians and the editorial M&M Euroeditors, organize periodically Cultural Debates with relevant personalities of the cultural and social life of the country.

· olloquy with Daniel Turbón, professor in Anthropology at the University of Barcelona (Faculty of Biologics). Topic: “The human being’s origins: when and how?” (January 8th, 2008)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Prof. Turbón at the center of the image
· Conference by the Rev. Fr. Jorge Loring SJ (April 5th, 2005), about "The eyes of our Lady of Guadalupe"

PHOTOGRAPHY: Fr. Jorge Loring SJ in the foreground during the viewing of a documentary on our Lady of Guadalupe
· Colloquy with the His Exc., the Rev. Mgr. Josep Àngel Saiz i Meneses, Bishop of the diocese of Terrassa (May 7th. 2005)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mgr. Saiz with other components of the gathering. The moderator of the Colloquy was Mr. Pedro Júdez
· Colloquy with the Hon. Mr. Josep Miró i Ardèbol, President of e-cristians (October 19th, 2004)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mr. Miró. Mr. Fernando de Salas, moderated the Colloquy
· Colloquy with the Most Illustrious Mr. Lluís Recoder i Miralles, Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès (March 23rd, 2002)

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Mayor Mr. Lluís Recoder with the moderator of the Colloquy, Fr. Antoni Carol
· Colloquy with the Most Honorable Mr. Jordi Pujol i Soley, ex-President of the Generalitat of Catalonia (Feb.14th, 2001)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mr. Ignasi Cabanas delivering a copy of one of the Rusiñol Gallery publications, to the then, President Pujol

PUBLICATIONS of Sala Rusiñol...

· "Miquel Cabanas: 10 Years of Painting" (Zeneida Sardà i Francesc Galí).

· Collection "Season..." ( 10 volumes from 1988 to 1999, by Francesc Galí).

· Collection "Rusiñol Tributes":
     - Vol. I: "Miquel Cabanas" (by Francesc Galí, 1991)
     - Vol. II: "Amadeu Casals" ( by Francesc Galí, 1993)

· Collection "Painters" (Vol. I, by Josep M. Cadena, Francesc Galí & Joan Iriarte, 2000)

· Collection "Rusiñol Miniatures":
    - "Manuel Capdevila. The spirit of Easter and Painting" (by Francesc Galí, 2002).