The atmosphere at the Rusiñol Gallery is a very intimate one. The core of this warm-hearted appeal is the family Cabanas-Ballbé, along with the crucial integration of Ms. Carme López. Additionally, they all try their best to make everybody —whether artists or art customers— feel part of the “Rusiñol family”

The Rusiñol Gallery team
Ignasi Cabanas and his wife Victòria Ballbé, with Sofía, Carmen, Maite and Bea
The Cabanas-Ballbé family
Victòria and Ignasi, with their children Ada, Joan and Sergi, on the day of Joan's First Holy Communion.
Victòria and Ignasi

“I'm happy and very grateful to my wife and to Carme: thanks to them, I have been able to settle the family and artistic debt I have with my father Miquel”

“The work of art I appreciate the most is my family: my husband Ignasi and our sons. Without them there would not be any beauty nor any art for me”
Carme López at the Rusiñol Gallery
“After I finished my History of Art studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and having obtained my degree, I have been collaborating at the Rusiñol Gallery since 1990. Out of all this time, I would like to emphasize the pedagogical work we are developing, as well as the counseling and collectors training we offer, while trying to bring the art closer to everybody”
The Rusiñol “family” (June 13th, celebrating the festivity of St. Anthony of Padua)
Ignasi and Victòria Cabanas; Carme with her husband Jordi; Mr. Francesc Galí (member of the Critics of Art International Association), with their friend, Fr. Antoni