(Barcelona, 1924)

Adolescent bodies, ballet, jazz, as well as music in general, has been a thematic which he has devoted great attention to. His landscapes enjoy a great affectional depth.

Using a color palette rich in cold shades that contrast while harmonizing with their opposite hues, allows him to emphasize accents and develop a chromatic and understandable painting. His work accepts playing with color so the unconventional meets with the freedom of choice.
See exhibition “A painter, an style, a trajectory XXI ANNIVERSARY SALA RUSIÑOL, 1986-2007” (4.V – 29.V, 2007)

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BAQUÉS (Montmeló, Barcelona. 1931)

His comprehensive technique training, his creative capacity, precise and evocative, along with a very personal and original style, are the most characteristic features of his work.

In his paintings we find a magic, mysterious and symbolic world; the mixture between unreality and reality appearing in dreams is thus concentrated. In his aloofness of reality, while employing his own fantasy, and in the synchronization of his creations, is where the artist finds beauty.
See exhibition “Magic suggestions” (30.I – 18.II, 2009)

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CRUAÑAS (Maià de Montcal, Girona. 1942)

Figurative painter, yet, using many abstract techniques. Independent and refractory to any orthodoxy, he follows a very personal line of painting, without however refusing other possibilities that may offer him different ways to reach full plastic communication.

His, is a composition made of brushstrokes, of soft, smooth, thick mixtures with the palette knife, of "frotagges", of undefined backgrounds and effects that have to do, by and large, with a certain abstract feeling.
See exhibition “Landscapes and feelings” (14.XII 2007 – 9.I, 2008)

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GRIERA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1934)

An uninterrupted succession of enriching experiences, lived throughout his travels all over the world, have allowed him to follow, with independence, a path that, without completely moving away from his own language, has been favoured and enriched by many changes.

He fosters a neo-impressionism that affords room for light, work structure in color planes and the geometry, the perspective and the volume.

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KOYAMA (Osaka-Japan, 1940)

Koyama's ambition, as with any other oriental artist, is to look for the so-called fifth dimension, which transcends all the forms, compositions, depth, colour, light, space and time, to focus into the essence of those things he discerns.</p>

While working on very concrete elements (beaches, mountains, small boats, windows, fishes, flowers, etc.), his works enjoy a plastic autonomy and argumentum intensity which are rather rare in our environment.
See exhibition �Cadaqu�s and Sicily� (13.III � 1.IV, 2009)</a>

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M. MASDEU (Barcelona, 1947)

In her compositions she puts an intense willpower typical of her service to the plastic beauty as stimuli of human virtues.

Interior compositions, the human body, unique facades –Venice, London, Paris..., gardens, greenhouses, patios... they bear witness of her wandering here and there. Everything presented with a palette she uses to express experiences and emotions.

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Lluís ROURA (Sant Miquel de Campmajor, Girona. 1943)

He knows how to find new ways for landscape painting by offering wide open expanses that, from the foreground of the picture to the background of its sky, grow under a light illuminating them.

An admirable serenity as reflected in his panoramic views of the Empordà countryside, and lately, also in his landscapes and images of the Holy Land, which are the main subject of his pictorial work.

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RUIZ ORTEGA (Jerez de la Frontera, 1951)

His subjects are diversified, mostly still life, compositions, human figure, and landscapes. All finding a creative image in his exceptional representation.

Beginning with concrete realities, he seeks those other truths resulting from the passionate deliverance he devotes to them to reach the suggestion in his process allowing him to become creative.
See exhibition “The air of a moment” (20.II – 11.III, 2009)

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Benet SARSANEDAS (Rupit, Barcelona. 1942)

He knows how to seize the air turbulent flow and light variations.

His, is a global painting. To place it within a certain classification would be like diminishing its merits down to the personal version, which he uses, to give image to the reality he paints. Objectivity oscillating between the realism that liberates itself and an expressionism replacing color. Rupit, Amsterdam, Toledo, Granada, Morocco... are subjects that find a place in his painting.

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Ramon VILANOVA (Caldas de Montbui, Barcelona. 1947)

The Valles countryside and landscapes, along with some Costa Brava subjects, are the themes integrating most of his work.

His, is a work that, without moving away from realism, becomes expressionism because of the color interpreting it with creative freedom. To be emphasized, however, his employment of the matter that has, nevertheless, evolved to a certain extent.
See exhibition 'Christmas Exhibition' (12.XII 2008 – 7.I, 2009)</a>

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VIVES FIERRO (Barcelona, 1940)

Painter of different urban ambiances (Barcelona, Havana, Paris...) and social activities. Interested in human figure.His, is a realistic language, enriched with expressionist accents that, on the other hand, do not deny his previous impressionist background. Influences coming from the fauvism, modernism (for his inspiration) and informal trends, can be appreciated. He also uses collages.
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