For a long time he worked mainly in oil and drawing, but since the beginning of 2005 he has been working with collage, achieving his own technique that he combines with oil painting.

The portrait has an important role in his work. Iconic characters from the world of culture, cinema, art, social struggle… are the protagonists of his works.

Her artistic training began early at the Círculo de Manresa, continued in Sabadell and at the Escuela Municipal de Arte de Sant Cugat. She studied nursing and gynecology and obstetrics. She has been working as a midwife since 1981.

Her career has always been divided between the world of health, in the field of women’s care and the art world, exhibiting in different galleries in the State as well as in Oman, United Arab Emirates, among others. She also participates in prestigious international fairs such as St-Art in Strasburg, Salon des Antiquaries in Nancy, Lille Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Affordable Art fair in Singapore, London, NY, ect.

Initially she worked in oil and drawing but started experimenting with collage until she achieved a very personal technique that she combines with oil painting. Increasingly interested in this technique, she delves deeper and investigates all its possibilities. She deals with diverse themes among which the female figure, the portrait and the faces full of expressiveness stand out.


by Carme Magem

Going head-on is an expression that we could translate as “telling the truth”, “hiding nothing”, “letting one’s true intentions be seen”… And that is what I wanted to do in this exhibition; paint and show what I like to do the most: paint human faces, especially women.

In each face a whole universe is hidden. We can find an ephemeral gesture, a life trajectory, an ideology, the representation of a world as complex as cinema… a whole universe of feelings, emotions, experiences.

Crossing our gaze with that of the person looking at us in each painting, many of us will find questions, other answers, memories, desires, certainties and a whole range of possibilities that do not even occur to me.

Perhaps that is why I paint faces, because it makes me feel deeply identified with what I do and what I feel. Basically, my wish is that the observer can also feel in intimate communication with the faces that I paint.