BARCELONA, 1954 Curell

Its plastic values ​​are born of
the firm will to communicate own sensations as a way of gathering
wills, to make in company the path towards the perfection of light.

Creator of Mediterranean atmospheres of great subtlety of color and infinite serenity.


by Josep M. Cadena

According to scientists tell us, this mass of salt water that we call sea covers 71 percent of the surface of the Earth. Its immensity is, then, enormous, and could overwhelm us. Located, but before the paintings of Dolores Curell, who describe this size from the artistic point of view of the author, the feelings that arise in us are self-improvement and impulse not to falter in the struggle that the human being must maintain permanently for impose the spirit on the limitations of the matter.

I remember that in the month of June 2009 -now five years old- I presented the painter in this same room Rusiñol, and I was able to share with the followers of her art, and with those who for the first time faced their works, the undeniably positive impressions that emerge from the works of Dolores Curell.

And now, again, at the end of the artistic season, I find that the gallery’s management has been right to organize this new exhibition, which is not a closing exhibition, but an invitation to take advantage of the holidays and rest of the summer that arrives to gather new forces in the face of a new season, which should be like the arrival in port, in the land of promise that the artist, located emotionally on the horizon line that others see distant, places the nuclei of civilization that describes the background of his works and that encourages us to reach.

Sea and sky, full moon, active blue and boats seen from the air, beaches and cities that expand, are the elements that the painter offers us with message intensity within the apparent simplicity of expression. It deals with topics known to all of us, but always with accents of novelty.

He discovers with us what he already wanted to know, and manages to say new things that we believe in our interior as flowers full of light and color. Paisajes y luz is the title of this show by Dolores Curell, the contents respond fully to the statement. The landscapes are strong, and this is thanks to the light that the painter has captured in them.


by Josep M. Cadena

To look towards the horizon is, psychically speaking, to look for the beyond, although from the Greek root of the word, it is to delimit with the look what is within the reach of human sight, for example, to be sure that nothing should surprise us The watchman watches, but the artist wishes to go beyond what he contemplates. And that’s what Dolores Curell does with her wide panoramic paintings. With her sharp sensibility as a painter, she opens up to the landscape, both in her maritime visions and in the fields of the inland, such as the blue of the sky and the blue of the water, as well as the gray of the clouds and the green of the meadows. to the strong bond that creates the subtle line of thought that is the horizon.

In the painting of Dolores Curell we find all those who, once on the top of a promontory, have looked towards a beach where soft waves break in the afternoon, or when from the sea and at night, the ship we were on was looking for the safe harbor under the full moon. These sensations are reminiscent of us thanks to the plastic artist, who from his own ways of feeling knows how to connect with situations lived by others and give it a wider meaning because it makes the beauty of a few moments is perpetuated and makes us understand that, despite being each one of us as the little Latin candle that exists within the immensity that is embodied in one of the paintings of which I have already spoken, our objective is transcendent and towards it we must go with the will to be every time spiritually better.

Generously collective work, in the sense that never ceasing to be very personal is participatory, that integrates and makes enjoy its aesthetics – and its ethics – those who observe it. Their plastic values ​​are born of the firm will to communicate their own sensations as a way to gather wills, to make in company the path towards the perfection of light. It transmits action, but with the peace of mind that comes from knowing where it is going.