VALL DE BIANYA, 1966 Miquel Vilar

Painter of quiet and peaceful spaces, put in front of his paintings is like finding harmony between heaven and earth.

It gives us the landscape of the Pyrenees in two versions: in that of the mountains that rise towards the sky and that, in turn, are reflected in the still waters of a lake.


Miquel Vilar, born in the Vall de Bianya in 1966, studied at the School of Fine Arts of Olot and at the Mojón de Girona School. He made his first exhibition in 1989, since then it has become a new value in Catalan landscaping. A painter who because of his talent for visual expression and the uniqueness of knowing how to treat his surroundings with an emotional and personal accent, has been strengthening, over the years, in the best tradition of landscaping.


by Josep M. Cadena

Miquel Vilar is a painter of quiet and peaceful spaces. Standing in front of his paintings is like finding the harmony between heaven and earth, with a line, sometimes very fine, of sea that is at the bottom of the composition and serves to bind without any trauma the composition he sees, think and offer us.

As a person, the painter seems the same as the one he offers us. He does not want to make any kind of noise and he speaks to us in a low voice, but firmly, convinced that the natural roots of those who suck everything he does are the ones that suit him and are what everyone should have. He knows that these are times of turbulence and worries, but he wants to offer us other guidelines that will help us overcome the crisis of values ​​in which we have been for years – in one way or another, since I was a child, it seemed to me that things do not work and that some took advantage of the circumstances that they themselves had caused – and that now has the worrying added that you never know where we have to go and what we have to do. But Miquel Vilar, who although it seems by the name and surname to an illustrious author in our painting, but who has nothing to do with the painter of the thickness of the Seo de Urgel and the resplendent cows of the Maresme, also knows how to drink in the source of pure and fresh water of art as well as a sense of direction that makes you follow the true grain of good painting.

As in the myth of the cave of Plato, Miquel Vilar gives us the landscape of the Pyrenees in two versions: in the mountains that rise to the sky and that, in turn, are reflected in the still waters of a lake. Who are the truest? We could say the first ones, and we would guess from the sense of geographical physics, but spiritually they are the second, which he sees and loves in his representation towards the interior of thought. Maybe the reality is better for practical purposes, than the idea, but this is what lasts and makes us feel that we are human beings who think, love and want a transcendentality that leads us to another life.

I wish you to contemplate the paintings of Miquel Vilar with a calm sense of depth. If you want, you can put on them with your eyes and feel protected by them, without ever feeling the sun that stings or the wind that blows. They serve to know how we are, but especially to feel in transit towards new and better situations.