1. General

The following are the terms and conditions that regulate the access and use to the contents of the web www.salarusinyol.net (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”). The Terms and Conditions are of a general nature and regulate the content of the website as a whole. However, some service or specific content of the web may require access and acceptance of the particular Terms and Conditions by the user.

2. Identification of the owner of the website

The web www.salarusinyol.net (hereinafter, the Web) belongs to SALA RUSIÑOL, SL (hereinafter, the “Company”), which has the ownership.

3. User: acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of the website

Any user who accesses, browses or uses the contents and / or services that can be found on the Web at any time will be understood as a user. From now on, the user of this website will be referred to as a user. Users accept the Terms and Conditions without any condition or reservation. The contents and services offered by the Company are of a changing nature and, therefore, the Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to adjust them to the new content. Consequently, the user acknowledges and accepts the obligation to review and comply with the terms and conditions that are in force at all times.

In any case, it is presumed that the access and use of the web and, therefore, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, including the privacy policy and cookies and any other terms and conditions that may include sections or specific services of The website is made by people over 18 years of age or, in the case of minors, supervised, that is to say, they act under the due supervision of the tutor or legal guardian.

4. Access to the web and the contents reserved to registered users

Access to the web is free and free. It is not necessary to register to access the contents. However, it is necessary that the user registers to be able to make comments in the spaces specially dedicated to this purpose. Likewise, it may also be necessary for the user to provide personal data when he freely wishes to use the services offered that so require. The data provided to the user in any of the sections that are within the Web will be subject to the privacy policy of the Company. In any case, when the user chooses to register in any of the sections or services offered by the Web, the latter agrees to indicate the required information, which must be truthful and lawful.

In the event that the Company provides the user with a password, chosen or not by the user, the latter is responsible and agrees to make exclusive use and keep it secret, making use of the necessary diligence to guard it and prevent it from being known by third parties that can impersonate the identity. In the event that the user detects that an unauthorized use of his password has been made or is aware that he has lost it, he undertakes to notify the corresponding incident immediately to the company through the links expressly intended for that purpose or at the address info@salarusinyol.net. In no case the Company is responsible for the use of the password by unauthorized third parties or the loss of the same by the user.

5. Use of the web, its contents and services

The user of the Website undertakes to make use of it and its contents and services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, as well as respect and comply at all times with the law and any current and applicable regulatory provisions. It is prohibited to use and access the Web through any application, computer program or similar system that may damage or hinder its normal functioning, including the alteration, elimination or blocking of the content and services offered, or any other mechanism that may affect them, especially those that may involve the deprivation of access and use on the Web, or any part thereof, to third parties.

It is also prohibited to access the Web through programs or other computer mechanisms that, voluntarily or involuntarily, may result in an overload of the resources used by the Company to keep the Web accessible to the public and / or allow unauthorized access the sections of the Web not accessible to the general public or to the computer system in which it is housed; so that they can introduce viruses or other malicious programs or scripts that cause errors in the computer system mentioned or in the operation of the Web. In any case, the user agrees to make appropriate use of the contents and services of the Web, especially with respect to any section in which it is allowed to participate, which will also govern the principles of good faith and respect for the other users, the Company and any other third party.

6. Comments on the contents

The Web uses a user validation system application that allows the latter to comment on the contents in spaces expressly reserved for this purpose. The user must make appropriate use of this service and not use them to engage in illicit activities or contrary to good faith and legal order; disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal, apology of terrorism or assault against human rights. The user assumes that he is solely responsible for the comments entered on the contents in the spaces expressly reserved by the Company for this purpose and therefore exempts the Company from any kind of responsibility.

However, the Company will have the right not to publish comments in which it was detected, through the control system created for this purpose, the inclusion of words or expressions objectively cataloged by the Company, as inadequate and not suitable for publication. In addition, the Company will also have the right, at the request of third parties, to withdraw comments that may have content that is contrary to good faith and legal order and / or that may incur in illicit activities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this right will become an obligation when it is at the request of the competent bodies or a court order.

7. Intellectual and industrial property

All rights of industrial and intellectual property of the contents of the Web, including images and videos, texts, designs, applications, programs, codes, etc., belong to the company or it is duly authorized by the owner to make use of it. Web. The user is authorized to view, copy, print, save in any format and support the contents of the Web, provided that it is made solely and exclusively for personal use. However, the user is prohibited from carrying out any of the actions indicated in this paragraph when: (i) the user uses a channel, medium or medium to which they may have access, directly or indirectly, a plurality of people ; (Ii) when these have a commercial purpose, or (iii) the use involves alteration, modification, fragmentation or decompilation of the contents.

Therefore, any reproduction, distribution or public communication of any content found on the Website without the prior express written authorization of the Company is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the company informs the user that it expressly opposes the use of any part of the Web with the aim of making cuts in publications without having obtained the express, prior and written authorization of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, several contents or services of the Web may specify Terms and conditions of use that are more or less restrictive, which shall prevail in relation to the content or service affected by them.

The Company only authorizes to reference the contents that appear on the Website in other sites or communications, provided that these webs or communications maintain the principle of good faith and respect and fully comply with current legislation and other terms and conditions, especially with regard to the prohibition of reproduction or content displayed on the Web, for purposes other than those allowed in these terms and conditions, without the express prior written authorization of the company.

8. Links to websites or third-party content

The Company is not responsible for the contents, services, scripts, functionalities and other technical conditions that the user can find outside the Web, but that are accessible through the links that can be found. These links are purely informative for the user and he is free to follow them at his sole discretion. Under no circumstances can the Company declare an approval, opinion, or any other statement in relation to everything that can be found in the links mentioned outside of the web space.

9. Limited liability and guarantees

The Company undertakes to do everything possible to maintain the functioning of the Web in optimal conditions of use, as well as to avoid server errors, programming errors and the contents and services offered. However, the Company assumes no responsibility for any errors that may arise or appear and, therefore, does not guarantee full functionality or the contents and / or services offered by the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company guarantees that the Website will not voluntarily incorporate malicious software (malware), viruses and other scripts or programs of a malicious nature and undertakes to inform, through the privacy policy, of all the use of applications and other programs, scripts, etc. that collect data from the user that may be subject to further processing.

The Company informs the user that various contents and / or services offered on the Web can be provided by third parties and that, therefore, to access or use the user will also have to accept the Terms and Conditions (third parties). In any case, the user releases the Company from all responsibility regarding all matters related to content and / or services of third parties that are expressly identified as third parties (example: validation by Twitter and Facebook, etc.). The Company may cite, show and refer to demonstrations, publications and other information or graphic or audiovisual materials of third parties, and is not responsible for the veracity, rigor, opinion and quality of these.

In any case, the Company is not responsible for the various damages that may be caused by the discontinuity of the services, contents and functionality of the website, as well as any other anomaly that the Website presents, including viruses, malicious software ( malware), scripts and malicious programs that result from the unauthorized interference of third parties or authorized third parties that are the victim of interference from other third parties.