Abelló experimented with many isms, but never married any particular movement, he created his own movement, the Explosivism. It was based on randomly casting the paint of the tube on the canvas, letting itself be guided by intuition, looking for new ways, but always with the constants of the attractive force of color and light.

Born in Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) in 1922. He begins to paint, in a self-taught way, influenced by the work of Joaquim Mir, from whom he learns the vigorousness of color.

On August 23, 1942, he presented his first exhibition in the restaurant room La Marineta in his town of birth. He studied at the Baixas Academy and the Royal Artistic Circle where, since 1993, he is president. Meet the painter Pere Pruna, whose disciple he will be and learn the technique of the mural and the engraving. In 1946 the painter Carlos Pellicer will meet: from him he will learn the creative sense that characterized all his work. From this long coexistence, fourteen years, the book Tea Time will emerge.

Member of the Maillol Circle and organizer of the May Salon.

Exhibits in the Sala Caralt, the Argos Gallery, the Pinacoteca and the Library of Catalonia, among many others in Barcelona, ​​as well as in the rest of Spain, where you have to redraw the Biosca Gallery in Madrid, the Illescas Gallery in Bilbao and the Lintel Gallery of Santander.

Among the most important exhibitions abroad are the Broadway Art Gallery and the Halifax House in Oxford in England, the Salle du Terminal, the Gallery Del Campo in Antwerp and in Saint Martens Latem in Belgium. In France he exhibits at the Art et matière Gallery of Grenoble, at the Grand Palais in Paris, and the Palace of the Popes of Avignon, among the most important. He also exhibits in Frankfurt, Morocco, Canada, New York … Lately he has done it at the Fontana de Oro (Girona), the International Painting Fund (Barcelona) and the Rusiñol Gallery (Sant Cugat).

In 1996 he donated to the municipality of Mollet del Vallés his art collection creating the Joan Abelló Municipal Foundation, inaugurated in 1999. He knows painters like Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. His work is present, among others, at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, ​​The Covutauld Collection (London), Ashomolium Museum (Oxford), Vatican Museum (Italy), Poldersmuseum (Belgium) and at the Municipal Gallery “Legado Francisco Galí. ”

He dies on December 25, 2008, in Barcelona. He is buried in Mollet del Vallés.


Sir Winston Churchil Commemorative Crown de Oxford.

Medalla de la Fundation Herbert Ducker-mann de Grenoble

Medalla de Plata en Artes, Sciences and Letters en París, donde fue nombrado miembro de la Societé National des Beaux Arts.

Medalla de la ciudad de Mollet del Vallés.

Medalla de Oro del Fondo Internacional de Pintura.


Abelló, de Josep Fèlix

Joan Abelló. El cielo y la Tierra, de Pedro Voltes

Abelló. La revolución del pastel moderno, de Rafael Manzano

Abelló. Una trayectoria, de Manuel Mayoral.

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