BARCELONA, 1957 Maite Llongueras

Artist of exceptional vitality, committed to existence and with the exultant light that lights the colors, he writes in each form the fullness of his gesture.

Paints hers emotions in the Mediterranean waters, transparencies, interiors and still lifes.


Graduated in Mural Painting at the School of Arts and Artistic Trades (Llotja) in Barcelona, ​​she expanded her oil studies with the olotí teacher Vilà Cañellas and at the School of the Mediterranean with Torrents Lladó (Palma de Mallorca). He completed his aesthetic education with travel in Europe, especially in Paris, Holland and Italy. He also contributed to his training an artistic sensibility cultivated in the family through music and poetry.

Works intensely oil painting. During the first years he dedicated himself to reflect his emotions in the Mediterranean waters, transparencies, interiors and still lifes of his study with quinces and brushes. The last eight years have added the theme of the carousels and landscapes of Barcelona, ​​creating, at the same time, a collection of illustrated stories with his paintings, Tibidabo 360º.

She is a member of the Royal Artistic Circle since 1975 and since 2001 of Sant Lluc de Barcelona. Winner of several prizes of painting, we found his works in museums like the Municipal Museum of Llanes (Asturias), Museum of Hispanic Painting of San Francisco USA, among others, and private collections of USA, Japan, Argentina, Canada …

by Josep M. Cadena

The works of Maite Llongueras are never the expression of the conventional beauty of nature, but they show the feelings that the painter shares with the society to which we belong. They are active works that show the will, that we all carry within ourselves to be oneself. And I would still say that the same affirmation of the personality is found in the thematic of the carousel that, embedded in recent years, offers as a novelty in this exhibition.

In one way or another, life, despite the stability we want to give it, is like an amusement park in which the gaze is turned on, the heart beats strongly and the senses are awakened when we decide to take advantage of the opportunities for fun that offers. The carousel rotates and the easels, seemingly immobile, rise and fall as we believe we move towards new situations that, in reality, at the end of the journey take us to the starting point. But the joy of the trip, although it is always ephemeral and does not lead anywhere, is well ours and no one can take them.

M. Llongueras consolidates with this exhibition her qualities as a painter who in tangible reality knows how to find the emotions that belong to the immense sphere of the spirit. In the pictures that she presents, but we also find ourselves in the growth of feelings and in the turning of things.

by CARLES DUARTE I MONTSERRAT (poet and Director Fundació LLuís Carulla)

Maite Llongueras is an artist of exceptional vitality, committed to existence, with the exultant light that lights the colors and writes in each form the fullness of her gesture. I have long followed and admired the work of Maite Llongueras, her unique talent to make each stroke a subtle and overwhelming expression of beauty. I love his prodigious way of bringing out from the sea his soul reflected in blue and green crystals where our eyes are dumbfounded and joyful.

Now with the exhibition TIBIDABO 360º Maite Llongueras takes up precisely this landscape of deep, latent, foundational feelings and invites us to an experience steeped in the magic of dreams, as if the circle that we considered for years already closed was reopened to welcome us again in a family refuge that persists and Restart the cyclic journey of the panoramic airplane, the little horses, of the Ferris wheel … that continue incessantly their parsimonious pace turning the same scenario that the cycle of the hours and the seasons progressively transforms.

The Sierra de Collserola that the Tibidabo culminates turns into this splendid series of paintings a particular territory from where we can observe the world, because, beyond the succession of the reiterated images, there is a distancing from the concrete, real time, by letting ourselves be carried away by the vague places of the mind towards which more essentially we were and are, as a return, rediscovering ourselves.

Available works


Oil/canvas 46×55 cm