SABADELL, 1975 Sabrina Sampere

 His plastic language starts from figuration to express everything that concerns him.

The metaphor, the situations of the objects she paints and the colors, show an artist wanting to communicate with the public.


Born in Sabadell in 1975. In 1998 he graduated in Fine Arts from the Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Subsequently, the biennium 1998-2000, conducted doctorate courses besieged reality: Pictorial positioning to the department of painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. Since 1999, she teaches Artistic Drawing and Expression Techniques, artistic bachelor students, future artists and designers. Sabrina Sampere is a young artist who soon stands out in the world of painting and has become a reference for many other artists. We find his work at the Banco Sabadell Foundation, Caixa Terrassa, Sabadell Art Museum, Francesc Galí Legacy, Girona Architects’ Association and Technical Architects and private collections from Belgium, Latin America, Spain, United States, France, Great Britain, Holland , Switzerland and Japan. He has also won numerous awards and his work has been selected for renowned painting competitions. With a mature design, Sampere’s work speaks, in an open manner, of his own and his current life reality. The metaphor, the situations of the objects she paints and the colors, show an artist wanting to communicate with the public. His plastic language starts with figuration to express everything that concerns him.


by Josep M. Cadena

The expressiveness in color is one of the main virtues of Sabrina Sampere (Sabadell, 1975), known by the regulars of the Rusiñol Gallery of Sant Cugat, since this is the second time she exhibits. With its communicative capacity it knows how to transmit the possibilities of regeneration that exist in our environment, which too often suffer the collective misuse of technical progress. Evidence that Nature knows how to recover itself hopefully, with palm trees that seek the warmth of new suns and the harmony of blue skies rediscovered. And this spectacle of life refusing to refine and reinvent itself incessantly, adopting any of the innumerable external mantles with which the vital breath can become coated, we have the option of contemplating it sitting from the comfort of the sofa that the painter herself often gives us. his canvases, and that expresses that many times we can not or do not want our position to be other than that of the spectator, and we renounce irresponsibly to take part and act in the events that hastily take place in a world that is transformed at a speed each time higher.

In the same way that the paradisiacal Bikini atoll, of white sands bathed by the waters of the Pacific, was shaken by the atomic tests that condemned it to be a radioactive hell, also our personal existence can undergo at any moment a shock that collapses the walls of our small vital shelter and leave us exposed to the inclemencies of adversity. The plastic author is aware of the fragility of everything and, in the manner of the young revolutionaries of fifty years ago, invites us to lift the gray cobbles of everyday life to find the ideal beaches.

Sabrina Sampere, from her sensibility as an artist, claims a better world and suffers from the threats that threaten us. Reject the consumerist and superficial drift that human progress has undertaken, while knowing that people are capable of great feats at the level of intelligence and compassion that we possess. It is for all of this that the palm trees in the paintings of the painter are the needles that indicate the north to where we should direct our steps.