BARCELONA, 1971 Tatiana Blanqué

She questions herself about what the trees hide in an exercise that seeks to go beyond appearances to capture the essentiality of reality.

She perfectly captures the environment of the wooded areas, which makes us admire the value of beauty and the virtue of balance.


by Tatiana Blanqué

I am a descendant of a family widely associated with the world of fashion, photography and design, in which I grow my first passions for painting and art.

My paternal grandmother was a photographer in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century, and my maternal grandfather traveled to the United States so as to be able to import the pret-a-porter to Spain. So, I guess that all of their history and their passion for creativity, became to me as a need to explore the artistic.

The search for the “reason for being” is reflected in each one of the collections that have been carried out. My need for always finding a way out and my persistence in understanding how our environment can affect us directly, and we affect it, has been and continues to be my “life motvie”.

I want to find the authenticity in our reality, whatever it may be, I like how and in what way people is reflected in the mirrors and how its own shadow delimits its reason for being. As we duplicate and get lock in chosen scenarios, sometimes by ourselves. I need to pick up small pieces of reality and lock them up in spaces geometrically perfect in order to enjoy them and control them.

It is at this time, the nature, which forms a direct part of my life, is the one that gives me the opportunity to delve into my thoughts. The purity, the authentic nudity,  the ability to live together, the order but messy, the “semi-noisy” silence, the feeling of solitude collection, the light, the shadows…. All interpreted on timeless white spaces that only explains what you want to read. Personal sceneries, authentic, translucent, silent, mine and yours.

After my chpter at the University of Fine Arts, my artistic journey focuses on the international presence with exhibitions in Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Andorra, as well as in Barcelona, Girona, Granollers, Sant Cugat, Pamplona, Bilbao and Madrid. My taste for writing allowed me to spend 4 years of my life to art criticism in a local newspaper, as well as to be a trainer in “Creative Motivation” for companies.

Now I dedicate my time to painting and the volume,exhibitions and art fairs, as well as to my sessions of Creative Traingin for companies, curated exhibitions and everything that has to do with the plastic-artistic communication.

I hope the passion for my creative curiosity with all its content and concept can get to be a part of all of you.


by Josep M. Cadena

Tatiana Blanqué leaves behind the deafening noise of the city that does not grant any respite for the necessary reflection that can give us the answers to the many questions we ask ourselves and delves into the oases of peace of the natural landscapes where the rumor of the leaves it does not interfere but rocks the deepest thoughts.

The trees extend the umbrella of their branches to shelter us from the many inclemencies that haunt us, and the verticality of their trunks remind us that our origins go deep into the earth but that our longings look lacking towards the sky. The barks often have cuts that are like the wounds that attack the skin and deeper inside, but eventually the ointment will be repaired. The greens, the golds and the whites indicate the passing of the seasons and the continuous restart of the cycle.

The painter wonders about what trees hide in an exercise that seeks to go beyond appearances to capture the essentiality of reality. Their fabrics show treetops that articulate in magnificent architectural domes and leaves that are formed around stems that develop perfect symmetries, and invite you to meditate on the logic behind all this. Nature, which offers a greater authenticity than civilization that is the work of human beings, is the ideal space to get rid of superficiality and concentrate on transcendentality.

Tatiana Blanqué, by means of some serious and delicate works, executed with full control of the stroke and the colorist composition, perfectly captures the environment of the wooded areas, from which she makes us admire the value of beauty and the virtue of balance.