VIC, 1935 – 2022 Brugalla

His still lifes shows a poetics based on color and totally contemporary forms.

In Brugalla’s work we appreciate a solid deepening in the different techniques of painting that are reflected in his watercolors, or in the series that, in different techniques, look for the abstraction inherent to real objects.


He was born in Vic in 1935. He was part of the avant-garde group ‘Los ocho’ and his work was selected for the Hispano Americana Biennial of Art and also exhibited at the Salón de Octubre in Barcelona. He did drawing courses at the Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc and, for three years, he also did courses in Italy. Throughout his career he has participated in different samples and in the analysis of his work, we can appreciate a solid deepening in the different techniques of painting that are reflected in his well-known watercolors or in his painting on a board in which you can see Still lifes and still lifes, which show a poetics based on color and totally contemporary forms. He has exhibited in Vic, Sant Cugat, Barcelona, ​​Sitges, Girona, Reus, Valladolid, Madrid as well as in countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Belgium.


by Josep M. Cadena

With his still lifes, Josep Brugalla (Vic 1935) has found a way to communicate the permanent flavor that remains of the fruits that one day we ate as if they were freshly picked from the trees and that return to our lips as a pure and permanent satisfaction. He is an experimental painter, who has already given very significant examples of his dedication to Nature as a very remarkable reference about what the human being is in relation to his environment. But now it has taken an important step towards the interior of the thought that remains, the fruit, as well as its iconography, of the meditation and the synthesis on what needs to be explained in relation to the transcendence of what surrounds us.

The bowls with fruit by Josep Brugalla express the richness of life as a whole, in the harmony of the things that belong to the vegetable world and that, with the characteristics of each element – manes, plums, pears … – defend the However, it does not stop collaborating on a common project where the capacity of the human mind acts as a coalescer. Each vital element has been born and developed to be itself and to distinguish itself from others by its own and unrenounceable characteristics. And we have been the ones who have put together in a seemingly accidental way, but in reality, and most of the time without getting to know it, for the compensation between shapes and colors that lead to some sets in which the bowls that create them , work of observation and artisan ingenuity that knew how to synthesize what are two hands together that form the cup, the plate and the tray, as well as the other elements of the ceramic that, originally, were the fingers that gathered and the arms who took the offerings.

Without ever ceasing to be joyful manifestations of the existence and of the day to day that we are raising, as people with diverse activities, I find that in the still lifes with fruits of Josep Brugalla the elements of the permanence of the thought, of the concepts are appreciated. , of the golden rule of the transcendence of what remains as a norm of action in relation to the unavoidable destruction of matter. Everything happens, but everything also remains if we know how to find the sense that there is a higher existence in each spark of life. Every person can get his and he should not demand more than what, always looking forward and going at his own pace, without anguish but with interior joy, he can perform. He must find it – we must all do it in the great bowl that is society, in the way the fruits do in the still lifes of José Brugalla.