HUMILLADERO, 1957 Manel Doblas

Look for the high spaces by capturing the verticality of the skyscrapers and describe abandoned train stations because the wait does not interest you at all, but looks for exits towards the horizon.

Manel Doblas describes the passage of time; of a time that he, deep down, wanted him to be as fast as the train of his plastic imagination.


He studied drawing and graphic design at the Massana School in Barcelona and screen printing in Zurich (Switzerland). His first solo exhibition dates back to 1986. He has participated in several biennials and has been awarded with important painting prizes. We find his work at several museums such as the Abelló Museum in Mollet del Vallés, the Tossa de Mar Museum in Girona, the Francesc Galí Art Legacy in Palamós …


by Josep M. Cadena

With the first lights, the shadows that come with the progressive clarity of the morning, the voluntary forgetting of the midday slaves, the afternoons and the entrance at night, Manel Doblas describes the passage of time; of a time that he, in the end, wanted me to be as fast as the train of his plastic imagination, which, very quickly, goes along ways that currently constitute an important part of his work.

Manel Doblas, born in Humilladero (Málaga) in 1957, but trained from a very young age in Catalonia and with a well-established mentality among us, has been a painter for many years. I followed the path of the collectives from 1981 and made his first solo exhibition in 1992, precisely in this same Rusiñol Gallery where we now find him again. He has won many awards in diversity of places and has not done anything to participate regularly, although he does in rapid painting competitions throughout the Spanish state. This, which for others can be a hindrance, because after helping to gain fluency and find formulas that define the style often leads to arbitrate recurring forms, in your case has represented a highly useful system to find yourself and be able to say with Own what you want.

Only those who are afraid to explain believe that very soon they find themselves. And those who have a thought that always drills – this is the case of Manel Doblas – never stop feeling the anxiety to go forward. That is why this painter, who we now see what he has just done, looks for the high spaces when he captures the verticality of the skyscrapers and describes abandoned train stations because he does not care about waiting, but looks for exits towards the horizon that mark the roads of iron that, overcome the crosses, are fixed because they serve to the interior movement of the people.

Manel Doblas has changed in his way of expressing himself and has done it for the better. Gifted for plastic expression and mastering the technique, it does not stop but moves forward.

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Mixed technique/canvas 130×162 cm