Inaguration of Josep Baqués (January 30th 2009)

 05-baques1 Under title “Sugerencias mágicas” (Magic suggestions), Josep Baqués’ exhibition (Friday, January 30th) arises many expectations.

 01-baques3   Hall # 1 at the Rusiñol Gallery. On the right hand side, the stairs leading to Halls # 2 and 3.
 03-baques2   We start to go down the stairs. Hall # 1 (1st floor) and Hall # 2 can be seen.
  04-baques  Ignasi Cabanas, Rusiñol Gallery’s director, introducing the inauguration ceremony. Here we can see him when presenting the artist. His last exhibition in this gallery was ten years ago.
   07-baques Now, it is up to the artist who to address the audience. In the background we can spot a painting very representative of his style: “Bodegón con cerámicas y frutos” (Still life with ceramics and fruits).
 06-baques The “first row” of the audience assisting to the inauguration.
    18-baques The artist dedicating a copy of his book “Baqués… Lirismo mágico” (Magic lyricism) (presented by the Daniel Giralt-Miracle, edited in the year 2004).
   08-baques Ignasi Cabanas encouraging the audience to question the artist: the occasion happens to be rather unique.
   09-baques Baqués replying to a very interesting question: -do you paint outright step-by-step until you finish? The answer is “no” because “point 0” normally is some kind of draft drawn over paper or carton. Afterward, he paints the motive on the canvas. To illustrate this, he uses, precisely, the art note that was, next, raffled among the audience.
   10-baques Once the speeches and dialogues over, we proceed to the second phase of the inauguration: the raffle. In the first place, there is the raffle of the art note of the last artist that has exhibited in the Gallery: Casas Anfruns. In this raffle the members of the Rusiñol Gallery that had visited that exhibition also participate.
  11-baques Mr. Antoni Llopis was the lucky member that got the prize.
   12-baques The “small one” of the Cabanas’ family, Joan, normally is the “arbiter” of the raffles. Now, they are preparing the second raffle: Baqués’ art note to be raffled among the audience.
 17-baques2  The “Bodegón rojo” (Red Still Life), witnessing the conversation between our Cecilia and an assistant to the inauguration.
15. in the picture, the artist dedicating another copy of his book “Baqués… Lirismo mágico” (Magic lyricism) (presented by the Daniel Giralt-Miracle, edited in the year 2004).
   14-baques Carme, Victòria and Joan.

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