Inauguration Josep M. Solà (17th september 2020)

Thursday 17th September, coinciding with the campaign “Art galleries in Catalonia open their doors to you”, we have inaugurated the exhibition of the artist Josep M. Solà. It has been a special inauguration since we have transmitted it live by Instagram. It’s the first time we’ve done it this way and it’s been a complete success. Until the present sanitary situation does not improve it will be the system with which we will present the exhibitions. During the days when the exhibition is open you can visit us physically as the Sala Rusiñol is a safe space.




Josep M. Cadena: “In the works of Josep M. Solà what there is is life as it grows, as it is manifested in nature. If we observe the pictures, we see that there is something more than the figuration. There is the feeling of the human being”.





And continues Cadena: “Josep M. Solà helps us to find beauty and existence. The fact of being ourselves who we manifest ourselves through the painting. In their work is the truth that should be in the art”.






“I explain myself with the brush,” says  the artist“I’ve had more than 100 exhibitions, the first of which was when I was 16. In this way I have learned that what I like best is to paint landscapes and when I find more sense of representation is in the backlight, hence the title of the exhibition”. 





Josep M. Solà explains that he takes photos of the place because he makes a very detailed work and the photography serves him to fix the time. “The emotion of finding the moment I take it home and I have it in my mind of when I was ecstatic”. Then a small turn of questions is opened where we discover that their influences are basically the “olotina” painting or that the stations of the year that more interest to him to paint are the autumn and the spring.









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