“The next”: Vives Fierro (19.II – 10.III.2010)

vives-fierro It is our pleasure to announce that on Friday 19th February (19:30 h.) we are inaugurating an exhibition titled “Urbs picturata” (“The painted city”) where you can admire and appreciate Antoni Vives Fierro‘s latest and inedited works.

As a tireless and audacious seeker, Vives Fierro reformulates his own interpretation about the topics that fascinate him. By using collage, he combines images and texts. From that, the work’s significance opens: it multiplies itself because it doesn’t derive only from the represented work, but -in this artistic dialogue- also from what the spectator adds from his own knowledge and understanding.

The artist will be with us and the critique presentation will be held by Josep Mª Cadena. We look forward to your visit to this exhibition on our web.

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