“The next”: Fidel Bofill (23.IV – 12.V.2010)


We are excited to inform you that Fidel Bofill is coming back to the Rusiñol Gallery, with the explosive strength of his colours, which bear witness to the fact springtime, is already here.

Although one of the paintings is certainly named “Primavera” (Spring), the title of this exhibition is “Fidel Bofill seen by Miquel Martí i Pol”. This is because for the occasion –Sant Jordi celebration– the Rusiñol Gallery will offer us a happy combination of painting and literature: along with the painter’s work, Anton Carrera‘s book “Colors” (Colours) will be presented, the book being inspired in the variety and balance of Bofill’s palette.

However, the hallmark of the event will be the poetic prologue that, one day, Miquel Martí i Pol wrote for his friend Fidel.

Josep Mª Cadena, a true man of many talents, will know how to rightly combine the dual presentation. Despite his illness, the painter will also join us. The event will be, God willing, next FRIDAY 23rd (19:30 h.). You are all invited to come over!

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