Inauguration of Josep Mª Forcada (November 5th 2010)

Josep M ª Forcada is one of the most multifaceted artists who has exhibited in the Rusiñol Gallery: he is not only a painter, but also a doctor, a journalist and a priest! He is part in our country of the rich tradition of priesthood that with their spiritual service and contributions as historians, lawyers, painters… help us to make a better world.

Ignasi Cabanas, director of the Rusiñol Gallery: «With the exhibition of “Mediterranean Impression”, Forcada has inaugurated for the fourth time in our gallery. He is a great person and a very good painter. This is reflected in this massive audience: we have rarely seen a crowd like this before».
According to Josep M ª Cadena, in the Josep M ª Forcada’s work we discover the ability to retain the ideas and images which he lived. We realize that he believes in what he paints; he stands in front of the landscape and it becomes ours. Then, when we feel represented in these pictures, we experience certain calmness…: «This also represents me».
«With reference to Forcada’s art, I think we can all agree that his paintings invite us to become better persons. We feel at ease with them for they are positive, like the Franciscan “Cantico del Sol” (Song of the Sun) that warms up our heart and lighten our mind to allow us to ascend by the light that brings us back to the righteousness of our origins» (from the Cadena’s writings).
Now, the artist is speaking: «Although Cadena has already said it, I would like to emphasize the warmth and placid sense of life which I intend to obtain through the variety of the colors: I’m “maniacal” of the color; I enjoy myself putting colors! I do this for to explain that we not always have to live based on pushing, but understanding that there is a capacity of rest, of peace».
—With a life that is so full (priest, work in the Hospital of Sant Pau, journalist…), how are you able to do so many things? —I keep doing… If I had some more hours…! Perhaps if I knew how to “abstract” me a little more, the time would also spread out me more… But I keep doing what I can; with intensity; not acting as spectator of my, but as a protagonist».

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