“The next”: Miquel Cabanas (17.XII.2010 – 12.I.2011)

For our 25 Years’ celebration, I wanted to dedicate the Christmas exhibition (which has always been extraordinary for us) to my dear late father, Miquel Cabanas i Alibau, a painter and distinguished poet in Sant Cugat del Vallès. We are paying homage to him with this exhibition of Miquel Cabanas (1916-1995). It is necessary to use the Way.

During the opening (December 17th, 19:30 p.m.) we will present two books that the Rusiñol Gallery has edited for the occasion: the book that reproduces all the current exhibited work, and the Intimate Anthology. The latter is a selection of drawings and fragments of poetry by the artist. Our Fund of Art partners will receive one of these books as a gift.

Mr. Josep Mª Cadena, journalist and art critic, will illustrate to us a higher perspective on all this treasure, which the Rusiñol Gallery considers its heritage. This exhibition is already available online on our web.

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