Inauguration of Miquel Cabanas i Alibau (December 17th 2011)

Presided by the Mayor of St. Cugat, the vernissage of Miquel Cabanas Alibau’s works was one of the most anticipated events the Rusiñol Gallery had organized for its 25th Anniversary. It was like engulfing us into our family and artistic roots. The exhibition shows the two aspects of the guest of honour: that is, painting and poetry. In this picture we can see Miquel Cabanas’ self-portrait, his son Ignasi and a friend of the family.

Apart from his own works, this exhibition paying homage to Miquel Cabanas, offers a special additional incentive: its preparation and assembling —quite resourceful— with which the family has set up grandfather Miquel’s show… For instance, —as we can see in this picture–  placed in some very original methacrylate displays a selection of some drawings are also available to the audience.

Cabanas’ two sons: Frederic and Ignasi. Behind them we can also distinguish two other impressive elements of this assembly. On their left hand side, framed and spread over the wall, a set of colour palettes used by the painter. On the background wall, like a large mural, a painting of Miquel, enlarged to fill up the entire wall.
Ignasi presenting the exhibition of his father while revealing some details. «My father promoted the Rusiñol Gallery. 25 years of continuous exhibitions; we now display 25 of his paintings. They are representative of a period of his life: as of March 19th, ’74, when he went through an ictus. While it left him partially incapacitated, this seizure set him free from his ordinary tasks allowing him to devote time to painting and writing. He started to use oil paintings, but soon enough he changed to acrylics because he found them more practical. He could paint very fast. If he had an idea he could begin and did not stop. At times, he even forgot to eat…».
Josep Mª Cadena emphasized the spirit, dedication and resolve that highlight this retrospective. By mentioning the members of the Cabanas family and the Gallery team, he praised the buoyancy of the Rusiñol Gallery: «This is actually growing when we are undergoing a serious crisis».  And, while «things are done in a moment, it is important, later on, to record them», and this is what this exhibit of Miquel Cabanas’ paintings, meticulously prepared by his own family, is doing. «Mr. Mayor: in these 25 years, Sant Cugat has overcome!».
Frederic Cabanas presented to us the project status of the Cabanas Museum Foundation which will host a permanent exhibition of Miquel Cabanas and other activities. «I had already discussed about it with my father; without him this project would not had been possible». The rehabilitation work of the modernist building that will host the cultural area (next to the Rusiñol Gallery) had begun some years ago. Everything seemed to go fast, but… finally, the proposed date for the inauguration of this museum is the eleventh of the eleventh, two thousand and eleven! (November 11th 2011).
The Honorable Mr. Lluís Recoder Miralles —as the mayor of the city— paid tribute to the Rusiñol Gallery: «It is said that Sant Cugat is a land of artists. It has many art galleries! The Rusiñol Gallery is special for its dynamism (…). This exhibition is very good. First, for the painter, Miquel Cabanas:  we have one of his pictures at the City Council. Second, seeing how you have prepared the exhibition’s grandfather, we realize that this family has continuity. Third, the Rusiñol Gallery has a clear line, a painters of great quality and very loyal, and very, very loyal audience that transcends the simple client-gallery relationship: it is a very close and friendly relationship».
The Honorable Mr. Recoder assured us his attendance on May 13th, 2011, to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Rusiñol Gallery. «But I prefer to leave now to you a reminder: from the City Council we give to you a piece of our “jewel”, the Monastery of Sant Cugat. We cannot give stones of the Monastery, but it can give you a “picture” with this dedication: For your 25 years and for this long journey (Sant Cugat del Vallès, December 17th, 2010)».

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