Inauguration of Jubany (January 14th 2011)

We have begun a new year at the Rusiñol Gallery! And not any year, but that of our 25th anniversary. We want to celebrate it with everybody: with those —renowned— who are well established painters of figurative painting, but also with those —with coveted youth— who already are emergent certainties with a great future ahead. This is the case of Jordi Jubany.

We are enthralled with the “immense” images of his paintings. The title of this exhibition “The creativity expressed in the cities”, is well deserved. Jubany while certainly being figurative and monumental he is, at the same time, very imaginative: “his” cities go far beyond what he has seen…

As director, Ignasi Cabanas welcomes the new 2011, while highlighting the fact that it is going to be an important year for the Rusiñol Gallery. Concurrently, he also welcomes the artist. Jordi Jubany exhibited in our Gallery for the first time «There is a future as long as it is not the only exhibition… We hope that, from now on, there will be others… You have what it takes to be a good painter!».
Josep Mª Cadena: «It is not a new season that begins, but a new year of new exhibitions. In this case, Jubany, is a novelty for the Rusiñol Gallery, but it is not so for the artist. He has already proven in Girona and in his Mataró that he is a man who believes in persistence and in hard work. As a child he began to draw, to play with colours, to establish shapes, to become familiar with distances… He achieved something quite difficult: it is the painting that calls on you; it is not you who put things on the painting, but you place on it those objects it requires».
Jordi Jubany congratulated Ignasi for the 25 years of the Rusiñol Gallery. Then, while pleasantly addressing Cadena, he added: «There was a famous painter, Mark Rothko, who did not paint pictures but things. I paint not only Venice, for instance, but I want to go far beyond, so that people may also appreciate its many things and that each time they see it, they may see new things».
The questions from the audience were an opportunity for the artist to reveal some of his “secrets”. «I can rely on a picture, but I prefer to be on the spot and, rather than painting what I am looking at, I like mostly to perceive what I feel in that very moment». Another point: when asked whether he uses rules and right-angles for his rather architectural style, he answered he does not need any sketches, but he prefers to begin with a thought, with some reminiscence, then seizing the brush starts painting —from one end to the other of the canvass— and he does not stop until he has fully finished it.

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