Inauguration of Alícia Grau (April 8th 2011)

It is Friday, April 8th at 8:00 pm. On a very warm sunset, starts the inauguration of “Looks”, by Alicia Grau. That is because… Alicia has come from Abu Dhabi: she is the first Spanish woman artist who has triumphed there! Be that as it may, finally, Alicia is in the Rusiñol Gallery: if you “enter”, you will experience the warmth, kindness, sweetness and spontaneity of a children’s painting which is a manifestation of life. And all this gives credit to the remarkable success of this painter.

There are times when the profile turns out to be  especiall clear. Fast answers by the artist, without “firing in the wrong flock“. This is the case of “4 notes by… Alicia Grau”, thanks to her open, franc and sincere style. If you want to invite her one day: vegetable paella! (Although, according to her own comments, nobody prepares it as good as her own sister).
Here is an Ignasi Cabanas who could not be more satisfied. While paying little attention to the afternoon heat, he congratulates himself for having been able to have Alicia Grau’s exhibition, right on the 25th Anniversary of the Rusiñol Gallery. «This is very significant, for we had been awaiting this exhibition for five years. Finally, we got it. It is one of our more longed for exhibitions!».
Josep Mª Cadena: «Alícia Grau claims we have to keep on fighting not to ever leave goodness aside. And she has the inspired high merit of doing it artistically by taking notice of the reality surrounding us and, without having recourse to any kind of moralistic speech, by painting what she knows how to see. Thus, she builds scenes where emotions are shared and agreeably transmitted». Alicia is just like that.
«If anyone is capable of painting children, it is Alicia», said Josep M. Cadena. But that is not all. The Rusiñol Gallery’s “magic” helped to confirm this impression. In the draw, little Paulo —theoetically, an “innocent hand”— is picking out the card and… he choses his own: a “child” got the prize!.

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