Inauguration of “25 painters enjoying… the eternity” (June 3rd 2011)

“25 painters enjoying… the eternity” are twenty-five painters known to us, who, although having already passed away we have them back with us for a time.

The Rusiñol Gallery also will always be their home: the Rusiñol Gallery has been built with the beauty of their work.

Ignasi Cabanas presents this exhibition, which is like the third act of the commemorative program of our 25 YEARS. «The works that we are now exhibiting belong to some artists who have worked with us, with whom we established friendship and we wish to honor them. They are part of our history».
Ignasi —as a homage— wanted to speak through an open letter to our dearly missed Francesc Galí (from the International Association of Art Critics). «Dear Francesc: I’m sure it was Providence which brought you to our Gallery in that first exhibition of Manel Bordallo, in the summer of 1986. How respectful you were every time I phoned you or when you came to those early shows! You were, for me, a mysterious person, wise, intellectual, intelligent, educated, intriguing, and so knowledgeable in this particular world of Art (…)».
Josep Mª Cadena’s words, as a reporter and art critic, were in the first place, addressed to us: «This exhibition proves the stance of the Rusiñol Gallery: the attitude of being grateful and joyful for what it has been done in twenty-five years. You have benefited from art while trying to understand everybody’s particularities». An art “gallery” as the Rusiñol gallery, is a place to share friendship and especial knowledge among painters and fans.
Josep Mª Cadena mentioned —one by one— the 25 painters that, enjoying now eternity, are exhibiting with us. For each one of them he had a brief comment or, if nothing else, a “little brushstroke”. For Mr. Cadena had personally met eighteen of these painters…

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