Inauguration of Laporta (November 25th 2011)

Jaume Laporta in coming back to the Rusiñol Gallery with the collection titled “Looking at reality”. He is one of the first painters to have exhibited in our Gallery. Afterward, he has done it in several occasions. So much so that Ignasi Cabanas, director of the Rusiñol Gallery, has introduced him by saying: «We grew up together».

The artist, responding to questions about the profile “4 notes about… Laporta”, discovers a fascinating trajectory. Nonconformist with any imposed canons, he sets out from an initial abstraction to a valiant waging for figurative painting, when this style was not in fashion. «I am not against “non-figuration”, the abstraction; I am against the canons»..
Laporta: «I began with the abstraction. Mr. Cadena knows how I got back to figurative painting: a language which was mine, not because it was better, but because it was mine. I was finding again something that I had left. But, at the same time, I suffered the pain of becoming “commercial painter”. It was said: —That is not original at all; the photography has already surmounted it… But reality is not reproducible: the painter picks up the reality, is impressed by it and, then, out of his personality appears what he is. We think about things which cannot be seen in the photo, but they can in the painting…».

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