Inauguration of Malvehy (January 13th 2011)

At Rusiñol Gallery we have the pleasure to exhibit these days a beautiful collection of urban landscapes by the painter Eduard Malvehy, with his specific characteristics of geometric architecture, peaceful urban feelings, right combination of colours, wide range of cities… All of these deserve the title “The carm of towns”. Observers can enjoy this more humane view of the cities…

Josep Mª Cadena emphasized the ideological background of the landscapes Malvehy paints: «In these times of confusion, and when a new year begins, I believe the pictorial work of Eduard Malvehy helps us to find the necessary calm and even the essential willingness of circumvention we may need to go beyond the challenges surrounding us. For years he has been keeping his balanced position, both in the composition of forms and in the colour that gives them substance».
Cadena: «It is both a realistic and cultivated painting, based on experiences related to the places the artist visits and loves (…). In his paintings he achieves that things happen methodically, without tensions favoring one side or the other. He serves the ensemble and becomes his own interpreter because he is aware of his future transcendence».
In the Rusiñol Gallery this is the fourth exhibition by Eduard Malvehy. After the appropriate acknowledgements, the artist reveals some of the keys of his work: «How do you choose the landscapes?». «They have to be places that I like, and I find interesting… All these beautiful landscapes interest me. I go traveling, and when I see a beautiful place, I say: ‘I like this; I’m going to paint this’. It is that simple!».

Another question: the cities represented by the painter. «Stylized cities…, but persons are rare. Why?». Malvehy: «It depends, for the buildings I paint are made by persons and they reproduce a style, the way of thinking of their civilization, and this is why I like the variety of themes: the Northern ones with their cultural background, the Mediterranean ones… People and their way of life are thereby reflected. No persons do appear, but there is a lot of human presence in my buildings».


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