“The next”: Román Francés (16.III-11.IV.2012)

With his exhibition “20 year later” ROMÁN FRANCÉS reminds us of the exhibition he presented in 1992.

In his paintings, the girls are wrapped in colourful shawls, flowers seem to escape out of the pictures to transmit their aroma. And life can be heard in the gardens and the silence can be felt.

Colours with the fragance of the Mediterranean sea, contemplative atmospheres which are narrating poetry, intimacy with great sensitivity… are some of the human and plastic qualities that become a wide open window of his work. This helps us to breath the painting full of essence and emotions reflected vividly.

The inauguration, with the presence of the artist, will be on Friday, March 16th at 19:30. The commentary will be made by the art critic Mr. Josep M. Cadena.

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