“The next”: Lluís Roura (May 4th-June 6th 2012)

With the arrival of May, the Rusiñol Gallery dresses up to celebrate its 26th anniversary of cultural activity. As required by the occasion, we present the work of a highly accaimed Catalan artist who cresses our borders.

With his collection “The four seasons”, LLUÍS ROURA, will fill up the Rusiñol Gallery with the magic light of the Empordà plains: «In Lluís Roura’s paintings, where the Empordà land is opening up to the infinite along with our spirit, there is a strong evolution toward an absolute true painting as a materialization of a collective truth» (by Josep M. Cadena).

We are very pleased for offerring to you an exhibition of these characteristics.

The inaguration will be, Good willing, next FRIDAY, May 4th, at 7:30 pm. Mr Josep Mª Cadana will be in charge of the foreword.

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