Inauguration of Miquel Peidro (September 7th 2012)

Following today’s rhythm of all children in the schools, at the Rusiñol Gallery we have also started a new “course”. Yet, this time, we are fortunate to do so with the extraordinary exhibition of an unprecedented artist in our gallery: Miguel Peidro (“The strength of colour”). He came from Alcoy, but now he has actually arrived from Japan, where, after a few exhibitions, he has enjoyed a great success. Quite remarkable his experience in Japan!

This is the time of the “4 notes of… Peidro”. It is an intimate moment, where the artist reveals things which are not usually spoken of. For instance, we asked him: Any records in your life? (This question was suggested by the painter Román Francés): «I was the only Spaniard who, at the age of 56, had swum across the Strait of Gibraltar. It was in 2006. Sometimes people tell me that I’m somewhat weird as an artist: it seems it is odd to be an artist and a sportsman too».
Josep Mª Cadena. He referred to the beginning of the season: «It links with the past and opens up to the future, because this room already has enough experience and sufficient capacity to keep presenting on a regular basis a whole ensemble of different styles, while always looking for quality».
«In the case of Miguel Peidro, I would like to say one thing that might look somewhat daring: quite often, art wants to resemble nature, but in Peidro’s works, it is nature which resembles his paintings. It looks like nature wants to preserve these shades, this set of colours, for as long as possible…, where trees, rivers, stones, land meet with a particular conjunction of satisfaction».

«Many thanks to the Gallery for their delicacy and how they have prepared this exhibition. I always say that from the moment that any painting leaves its easel, the painter has to shut up; it is up to the work of art to speak… I would like to tell you what I’m trying to accomplish with my work: art is one way to express what the artist wants to say. In my case, I try to transmit a world of sensations, feelings. I want you to feel what I felt when I was painting. I try to transmit two passions: my love for nature and my love for painting».


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