“The next”: Capella (14.XII-9.I.2013)

Coinciding with next Christmas we wish to present you an extraordinary exhibition by JOAN CAPELLA (1927/2005) which, under the heading of “Nearby modernity” will allow us to take a tour through the work of this artist of undisputable personality.

Capella is one of those artists who succeeded in getting his own place despite his going against the aesthetic ideas of the moment. Very close to the Spanish School of Paris, his work breathed the air of modernity of those artists silenced at that time. However, he accepted the risk involved and advanced in the simplification of shapes and in the amplitude of contents.

The inauguration, God willing, will be this next FRIDAY, December 14th, at 19:30 pm. The art critic, Josep M. Cadena, connoisseur of his works, will take care of the subsequent commentary.

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