Inauguration of Bellosta (January 11th 2013)

Ignasi Cabanas, Managing Director of the Rusiñol Gallery, welcomes the attendees. He says that 8 years ago Bellosta exhibited for the last time in his Gallery and he, therefore, realizes that we are now facing a different type of work altogether. “It is a kind of work full of optimism and joy where light plays an even more relevant role”.

“Art is an expression that comes from the spirit. Bellosta is a great realistic painter, but with a “magical realism”, where magic is above the representation of things. When I began to follow the work of this artist (it was many years ago), I remained always captivated by his sunsets, by his breaks of dawn, by the awakening of Nature concerning the growth of living beings. A slow growth… In Bellosta’s works there are things that are not represented, because these are things that remain in the spirit”.
“Bellosta has recently been to Venice and the idea that he has contrasts with reality and from where a second reality arises, the magical one, the painter’s one. Bellosta looks at things, but above all he feels them. Things grow within him and are manifested in his paintings. These are executed with dedication, but simultaneously, with spontaneous and natural willingness. His paintings reflect the happiness that stays in your inner mind. They are works where you find light and sun’s movement… and forms achieve sensitivity”.
Carles Bellosta, kindly, thanked the attendees for their presence and he invited them to look at his works with “tenderness”, since in all his paintings there is a generous participation of the artist. This allows us to see things in a different light. He said that in the last 8 years there has been a change: “I am learning things and I have been evolving a lot. Earlier I didn’t touch Venice; now it is my favorite city. The same thing happens to me with Veneto. My paintings are not dark. Nevertheless I try to get the light from the darkness. I use as many colors as a painter uses during the day, but differently”. The artist encouraged us to discover the richness of nuances which come from the darkness.

Many questions were put to the artist, especially concerned with the light. —”How do you capture such ephemeral lights?”. —”Actually, these lights last only a few minutes, but all of us have an ability and, therefore, I am able to reproduce what I have seen. I have to finish my works in my office. My guides are some short notes in a notebook, which lets me transfer to the cloth all the emotions that I felt in some moments. Our mind picks up all that perhaps we don’t see with our eyes”.


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