“The next”: Aguilar Moré (March 8th 2013)

On this occasion we have the opportunity of offering an extraordinary selection of the works of RAMÓN AGUILAR MORÉ, where jazz is the protagonist.

“65 years of jazz in Barcelona” is an exhibition which demonstrates that to love jazz music is a philosophy of life for the artist. The presentation of a book with the same title will be part of the inauguration.

Important figures such as Ray Charles, Diana Krall, B.B. King and the young Andrea Motis, among many others, are being represented in a series of works performed over the years and it allows us to take an aesthetic tour that surrounds this world.

Josep M. Cadena, art critic, will be in charge of the introduction of the exhibition, which will take place this FRIDAY, the 8th of March, at 19:30 h. The musicians Marta Riba (sax), Lidia García (bass) and Eduard Balaguer (drums) will enliven the act.

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