Inauguration of Andreu Fresquet (June 14th 2013)

Andreu Fresquet is an artist who transmits vitality. Today he is introducing “Rhythms, Movement and Atmosphere”, a work full of these three elements. They are a clear sign of a way of working, of a style that has become his own and that takes us into a world of pictures, music, fruit, porcelains and, also, chess.

Ignasi   Cabanas,   the   Rusiñol   Gallery’s   director,   was   the   first   speaker.   While going down a historical memory lane, he remembers that the first exhibition of Andreu Fresquet  in that  Gallery  was  on the  7th  of June  1992 (that  is, 21 years ago!). Cabanas predicts a greater success for this occasion. We are in front of the work of a great painter, with whom we are closing the exhibition season 2012-2013. “We will take a break for summer and start again on the 6th of September”.
Josep M. Cadena: “He is an artist who, from the very beginning, thought about using   plastic.   He   used   it   under   historical   circumstances   which   allowed   him   to express many things while seeming as if he wasn’t saying anything. Those things were the “rhythm” of life, the “movement” within the very interior of the persons, and   were   —above   all—  the   “atmospheres”  that   exist   in   a   society.  These   three words   are   present   in   the   invitation   card   of   this   exhibition:   they   define   the background of his painting. We also see it in the wrapping paper in the showcase, under   this   picture   with   this   movement,   with   this   rhythm,   which   reflects   the rebellious   man.  It   is   the   man  who   is   not   carried   away   by   circumstances,   even though the circumstances are affecting the whole world”.
The art critic, Mr. Cadena goes on to say, that “Jordi is an example of struggle. He was living in Paris in May 68. He had the desire of saying: “We must move forward”.   And   now   he   is   also   saying   it   through   his   work,   where   everything   is flying, including chessboards, which are a metaphor of our society itself. It is aboard and we are the peons and the figures”.

Finally, the artist says: “I am very excited. Thanks to my friends and to all the people who have come here. Also thanks to Mr. Cadena, who knows me very well and thanks  to  my  family”. Then  the   attendees  asked  some   questions  about   his work   and   Andreu   Fresquet   answered   in   the   relaxed   atmosphere   tha characterizes him.


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