Inauguration of Borrell (September 6th 2013)

After the summer break, we return to our calendar of exhibitions with the exhibit “Corners of the Cerdanya”. Its author, Borrell, has been very happy to inaugurate this new season. He has prepared a magnificent collection where he presents some new additions to his already well known thematic. A very polished work that leaves no one indifferent.

The director of the Rusiñol Gallery, Ignasi Cabanas, thanks the public joining us for their assistance. “This is already the third occasion when we can present in Sant Cugat an individual exhibition by Jaume Borrell. Therefore, we can consider him as one of our painters and we are very pleased that this is so”. Then, he welcomes Mr. Josep M. Cadena and offers him the opportunity to speak to us about Borrell’s paintings.
Josep M. Cadena: “Art is life. Borrell’s painting is real as life and life is real as his painting. There are works that may be correct, but cold, however this is not the case in Borrell’s work: there is life in his works. In the houses that Borrell represents there are living people. In some of them the smoke from fireplaces is still coming out, and we can even see the Catalan flag. These are villages of the “interior Catalonia”, where doors of the houses appear half open and from the balconies are hanging clothes of young people. There is life!
Now the artist speaks. He thanks everyone. First he thanks the attendees, then the Rusiñol Gallery and, finally, Mr. Cadena. “I would like to emphasize the incorporation of the streets and the figures in my works, which were absent elements in my previous works. The figures transmit this feeling of life that exudes in my paintings”.

Finally questions start pouring in. “Do you paint in the street? —Natural themes are the source of inspiration where I take notes, but this work is worked with arenas and textures which do not allow me to work in the street, in spite of  the fact that, in my early beginning I had done it”. “Do you draw on the canvas first and you add the colour afterwards? —No. I paint directly with the colour. First I smear the canvas a little, I start introducing textures and from there on I already have the basis to begin drawing with the brush”.


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