Inauguration of Ramon Vilanova

An extraordinary collection of oil paintings of Ramón VilanovaIllusions— fills the three rooms of the Rusiñol Gallery. This is a good opportunity to enjoy the most recent works of this internationally well-known artist. From today up to the 8th of January, you will be able to admire thirty paintings where landscape, light and colors are the protagonists.

The inauguration begins with Ignasi Cabanas’ words, the director of the Rusiñol Gallery. «Ramón Vilanova belongs to the group of painters who have been working with this Gallery since more than 25 years. During this time, his trajectory has been consolidated. Now he is already a prestigious artist in the USA where his work is very well appraised. We are lucky to be able to present him at the Rusiñol Gallery because every time it is more difficult to organize an exhibition like this».
Mr. Josep M. Cadena was in charge of the critic commentary. He has highlighted the integrity of Ramón Vilanova concerning the topics that he deals with. In them we see the great importance that nature has for this artist. For example, a simple detail to which we do not pay attention to, for him could be an extraordinary theme full of sensitivity.
Finally, Vilanova thanked his friends, followers and partners of the Rusiñol Gallery for their presence on that day. After telling us some interesting anecdotes of his exhibitions in the USA, is the moment of the questions by the attendees.

One of the attendees says: «The moment I came in, I went quickly to read the titles of your paintings for they are pure poetry and reflect the meaning of every one of your works. Here you have, for example, the title of the painting number 24, where you can see a fantastic farmhouse: It makes an eternal silence forever uninhabited».


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