Inauguration of Alicia Grau (6 february 2015)

Friday, 6th of February. We are having a cold sunset! Little by little, people are arriving at the Rusiñol Gallery. Alicia Grau —the painter who exhibits— has also been a “victim” of the cold weather and she is not able to attend this inauguration. She has to rest!…

But she is present through her spirit. However, for the last few days, more than anything else, it is her paintings that are raising the temperature in the Gallery with the warmth of her children and her beaches…

Today, Josep M. Cadena is playing a double role. Only he is able to do this! He is speaking as the current art critic and, at the same time, he replaces the sick painter’s place. «I congratulate all of you together, but I could also do this one by one». Ironically, he added: «We are very few people here because the others are on the “beaches”…»..

«The others are on the beach, but you can experience better that we are in summer: we are gazing at pictures of seaside, where it is sunny and we see children on the beach. Their little hands are caressing the waves. Who says we are in winter! It is not true, because feeling cold is a psychological thing. It depends on how you look at it!».

Only a veteran like Josep M. Cadena can express things like this: «I would like to tell you a story about Alicia. Many years ago, when the art world was much simpler I was on the panel of judges of a contest. Alicia came to receive the prize with her daughter and she innocently made a comment: “Mom, the painting is upside down”. It was true!, even though it looked correct because Alicia knows how to put things in harmony (good composition, good color and movement, etc.)».

Mr. Josep M. Cadena answered the questions that we would like ask the painter. —«I realize that Alicia always introduces children in her topics!». —«Right! Because people do that are able to do better. She is very happy for her motherhood. And she always seeks the innocence, the reality that has surrounded her as mother».


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