Inauguration of Malvehy (4th september 2015)


We are starting the art-season of 2015-16 with an exhibition of Eduard Malvehy. He has a fine style which produces a pleasant feeling. In Europe we have just come back from holidays and we are returning to the noise of daily life. So, we are very thankful for this peaceful view of the urban spaces in which we live.




 2Ignasi Cabanas is welcoming us and he is introducing Eduard, a well-known artist at the Rusiñol Gallery, because this is the 5th time that he exhibits with us. The title of the collection —“Landscapes 2015”— announces its content. In this collection we get a feeling of order and placidity which embraces very “cosmopolitan” landscapes, like New York, Paris, London, and other also urban, but more “rustic,” like Cadaqués, Vic, Sitges, which are closer to home.




 3Also Mr. Josep M. Cadena greets the attendees in the start of this period. He acknowledges the Rusiñol Gallery and its managers —the family Cabanas— for «their will of continuity and perseverance at the same place». Malvehy’s work consists of «polite painting», he says. Some and other landscapes, maybe due to their cubist style and the straight architectonic lines, transmit a feeling of order and idealism of urban life. Here we perceive a collective will to overcome. On the whole, all this brings us a feeling of «happiness and awareness that things can always get better».


 4The artist speaks about the beauty of the cities reflected in their architectonic and plastic features. One of the attendees is surprised because, among urban landscapes, water is a very present element: —«Water is my favorite drink. I like it and as a painter it is an important resource in my work. Water is plastically very beautiful; it “accompanies” the buildings very well.
 5The artist is asked if it is a coincidence that the bigger paintings are about much bigger cities. —«Not necessarily! I also have —in this exhibition— small paintings of large cities… But, in fact, it is true that the big cities are better for wider representations which occupy more space». Another of the attendees is also surprised because he cannot see any landscapes of Zaragoza, the city where Eduard Malvehy is living: —«I also paint landscapes of Zaragoza, but I haven’t brought them here!»..







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