Inauguration of Mejan (5th March 2016)

1«I like paintings with light and sun; I don’t like to highlight the shadows. I look for light, remoteness, the profundity, the air. If it is raining, or if it is Autumn, then I let my imagination fly». This is Josep Mª MEJAN, who on the occasion of this exhibition has returned from Llanars to Sant Cugat del Vallès, where he lived some years ago.





2Josep Mª Cadena, as an art critic, discovers the intricacies of the “Mejan’s mystery”: «Mr. Josep Mª Mejan, through colors and few lines, outlines the perimeter in which we move physically and mentally». In fact, the landscape in itself does not exist: there are things —fields, mountains, horizons— and, according to all this, we define the landscapes»..





3Mr. Cadena continues with his words: «Human beings need to live with concepts. Mejan defines the concept of “landscape”. In fact, we see what we have in front of us, what is nearest to us. Later, we look at the distance: the horizon, the terrain. The combination of these elements leads us to the definition of the landscape, not as something we can touch, but makes us think, reflecting on our inner self».




4Now is the speaking time for the painter Josep Mª Mejan. He expresses his happiness for returning —although only for one day— to Sant Cugat del Vallès. Concerning his paintings, he said: «I try to demonstrate what I feel. I do without anecdotes and details. Mine are not premeditated landscapes, but full of spontaneity.
5The explanations of the artist open the question about abstract art: —«Yes, I believe that in my style there is a lot of abstraction. On the one hand, I would not like to “fall” into abstraction, but, on the other hand, I don’t like my finished paintings to be like a “déjà vu”. However, I like that in my paintings there is something to be recognized».
















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