Inauguration of Fabio Hurtado (13rd May 2016)

1-539x600The Rusiñol Gallery is preparing for celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Fabio Hurtado —who has arrived from Madrid— has transported us to the last century through his spectacular scenes of the ’20s and the ‘30s. Nobody is missing, the Cultural Councilor of Sant Cugat, Ms. Carmela Fortuny, friends and partners of the Rusiñol Gallery and… also the mythical Bonnie & Clyde.



«I consider it a great success to celebrate this occasion with this exhibition of Fabio Hurtado, because both the gallerists and the painter share a great respect for the lessons of the past in order to live a better life in the present, so that we can aspire for an even better future. So be it!» (from the writings of Josep M. Cadena).



2-600x400Mr. Josep M. Cadena congratulates the Rusiñol Gallery for its 30 years: «This Gallery is “only” 30 years old, with one exhibition after another, and today it takes us back to the ‘20s: the happy years which could be the USA before the “new deal”, with the mythical Bonnie & Clyde… Fabio has “re-invented” that world: in spite of the changing fashion, it always remains in the collective imagination. How does Fabio achieve this with such perfection? He enters into this world. He observes all the circumstances —those women, those cars, those planes with propellers— and he presents them for our sight and for our senses». Finally, he adds: «We hope this exhibition will be a great success. It demonstrates that the Rusiñol Gallery will go far beyond its 30 years».



3-600x400Fabio expresses his gratitude to the Rusiñol Gallery and the others who have collaborated in order to make this exhibition possible. Along with the 30 years of the Gallery, he highlights his own 25 years as a painter. «I would like to encourage people not to focus only on the esthetics of the paintings, but to try to see what there is behind them. I would prefer that the spectator shares by interpreting his own history and, so, the work comes to life. In the world there are too many words and this drives away the magic of art. In spite of that, these scenes correspond to the ‘20s. There are things that are current because some cycles repeat themselves».



4-600x400The Cultural Councilor’s words have been very emotive. She has expressed two reasons for felicitations. First, because our city raises its talent with an added value of art, which in this case comes from outside the country: «Fabio, this is your first exhibition in Catalonia and, within Catalonia, you have chosen Sant Cugat del Vallès». And the second motive: «I want to congratulate you on the anniversary of this wonderful Gallery: this is more than a consolidated project; it is a project of the past, of the present and for the future. There have been more than 400 artists and more than 600 exhibitions along these 30 years». The Cultural Councilor ended her speech giving a commemorative award on behalf of the city.
5-600x400There was a surrealist surprise at the moment of the draw of a Fabio’s drawing. There were many, many cards —the Rusiñol Gallery was completely full. Fabio and Mr. Cadena shuffled the cards. The Cultural Councilor observes! Emma, finally, choses one card: it corresponds to Momo Ballesteros, who was there dressed up like Bonnie. She is accompanied by Ramon dressed up like Clyde (we do not know if the result was due to the pistols they were carrying). Congratulations to them!





















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