Inauguration of Miguel Peidro (7th october 2016)

1We are in Autumn and we are inaugurating an exhibition almost totally dedicated to Autumn. We have asked Miguel Peidró if he also paints other seasons. —«Oh, yes, but summer is too “mono-cromo”. Furthermore, I like to find the balance between my own likes and what people expect from me. And they often ask for autumn.




Miguel Peidró exhibited for the first time at the Rusiñol Gallery four years ago. He is a successful painter, with a very good acceptance. Today —Friday, October the 7th— he is here, but he has just inaugurated a parallel exhibition in Madrid. And not so long ago in Taiwan and in Japan also. It is a privilege to have him here again!




2From the writings of the art-critic Josep M. Cadena: «Life, expressed specially through Nature, has existed before the appearance of man. But it is the man, thanks to his intelligence and sensibility, who has portrayed the beauty through what we call “art”. And the painter Miguel Peidró devotes his existence to this commitment».






3Mr. Cadena made a preliminary explanation in his speech during the inauguration: «Other people call him Peidro, but for me he is Miguel Peidró, from Alcoy (Alicante)». Having said that, Mr. Cadena added the following about the exhibition: «Peidró is evoking things, specifically, that reality exists, in spite of the feeling that it has been lost, due to the growth of cities, due to the burnt forests… Nevertheless, nature and idyllic places haven’t disappeared!».




4Josep M. Cadena continues: «Miguel Peidró likes nature, he visits it, walks through it, takes notes… After that, he works on it. The results are the landscapes that exist, but first they have existed in the feelings of the painter. When we see his paintings, we say to ourselves: —«Oh, I have seen this before! Where? I don’t know!». Miguel describes depths, trees, and foggy environments in determinate moments. And our imagination is halted, observes it and shares it. This is what Miguel Peidrò is doing».


5Peidró thanked the Rusiñol Gallery: «The exhibition is wonderful». He explains that he wants to forget trends and fashions in order to put all his passion into his productions. «I paint what I like, and there I put all my heart» —«How much time do you need for every one of your paintings?». —«Around one month. This is more or less like cooking: everything requires its time. Sometimes my wife says to me “that’s enough!”…».



























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