“The next”: Miquel Cabanas (2-XII.11-I.2016)


mc-16200We have Christmas at hand. We are very happy to announce the exhibition with which we want to close this year, and also some activities in order to commemorate our 30th Anniversary.

These days are very exciting for us, above all for the significance of the exhibition of our dear MIQUEL CABANAS (1916-1995). Through this event we want to celebrate the CENTENARY of his birth.

The collection will gather thirty works under the title “The Sant Cugat of Miquel Cabanas”. So, his beloved Sant Cugat is represented in a selection of paintings from 1978 up to 1994, one year before his death.

The inauguration attended by the family of the artist, will be this FRIDAY 2nd of December at 19:30 h. Josep M. Cadena will be in charge of the critical commentary.

We hope to see you there!

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